Exit at Next Stage: A Unique Aspect of AssetLink's Presale

📎 Introduction: At AssetLink, we've pioneered an innovative approach to investment strategies. Today, we're shining a light on our unique "exit at next stage" feature.

🕐 What is it? Our 'exit at next stage' feature is an exciting option during our presale phase. Investors can choose to sell their assets during the next investment stage or hold onto them.

💰 The Benefit: This feature provides a level of flexibility not typically seen in presale events. Investors can potentially realize short-term gains while also having the option to remain invested for the long term.

🤖 How it works: If you choose to sell, our platform will sell your tokens to newcomers/investors of the next stage. Essentially, you have the first-mover advantage, offering your tokens to a fresh wave of investors.

🔎 Why we introduced it: We understand the diverse financial goals of our investors. Some may be looking for short-term profits, while others may see the long-term potential in AssetLink. The 'exit at next stage' feature caters to both investment styles.

📆 When can you use it? We are currently about to start stage 2 of 3 of our presale. This feature will be available to you during this upcoming stage, and potentially in future stages, offering a unique opportunity for early investors.

📣 Conclusion: As with any investment, due diligence is key. We believe the 'exit at next stage' feature offers an attractive option for our presale participants, but each investor should make decisions based on their personal financial goals and risk tolerance.

For more information on our presale stages and this feature, follow us on our social media platforms and stay tuned to our blog. We're excited to have you on this journey with us!