Get Ready to Own An Apartment in Portugal with Your Presale Investment via AssetLink

A unique initiative by AssetLink providing a chance for investors to own an apartment with an investment as low as $300 during the presale.

AssetLink is excited to announce an extraordinary collaboration with a top-tier European real estate developer! In an unprecedented display of real estate tokenization power, we're providing 4 of our early investors with the unique chance to own a concrete piece of real estate - a fully functional apartment!

That's correct! With a simple investment starting as low as $100 during our presale, you can potentially become an apartment owner. This initiative is designed to breathe life into the abstract concept of tokenized real estate, and also serves as a hearty thank you to our early backers.

The apartments will be tokenised and can be sold directly on our platform, which means if a winner cannot move to Portugal or doesn't want to use the apartment, can easily sell ownership and cash out with just a few clicks.

So, what's the game plan? It's as easy as 1-2-3!

  1. Sign up - Create a FREE account on our presale platform at
  2. Contribute - Participate in our presale with an investment as low as $100. Check our presale platform for the latest entry limit..
  3. Hold - Retain your tokens for 1 year.

The Philosophy Behind This Initiative

This exceptional opportunity is not only a demonstration of the tangible benefits of real estate tokenization, but also a manifestation of our gratitude towards our early investors. At AssetLink, we firmly believe in 'doing' rather than 'telling'. Therefore, we aim to present a live example of how our tokenization works, and its potential to transform real estate investment. It's a stepping stone towards broadening the horizons for blockchain and real estate industries, encouraging maximum adoption for our platform.

Just by following these simple steps, you can secure a chance to be among the 4 lucky apartment owners. Join AssetLink and become a part of the future of real estate investing!

Remember, terms and conditions will apply (nothing fancy, just simple legal stuff we promise), which will be shared at a later stage. Your understanding and support are what drive AssetLink's thriving community, and we look forward to the promising future ahead!